Our unique job process cut across the steps below...

The printing process is indeed a rigorous one, but we have simplified it for our clients to comprehend our transparent mode of operation. These nine (9) steps are peculiar to us as an organization with and are represented in a chart below

Step 1: Job description is the first stage where a client’s job requirements are extracted from the details provided in the request for quote/enquiry form or from a physical interaction with the client. All the information to be printed is clearly and precisely noted, such as sizes, colors, pictures, logo, quantity, expected date of pick up, etc.

After the job details are clearly established, the cost of production is calculated and the client is notified to make payment of 70%.

Once payment is confirmed, we commence design. Using the best software and powerful artistic imaginations, we create the client’s ideas, blending the right colors, appropriate text fonts and images that represent the client’s brand. This design will be sent to the client via Email or Whatsapp for approval and corrections.

At this point, corrections are effected, write-ups are proof read, and a sample copy is printed out to ensure that all colors, images and texts are in line with a client’s brand design. Depending on the location of our clients, the sample copy could be sent to them for final approval and editing (if any).

Production is the stage where the bulk of a client’s job order is produced with quality materials, standard equipment, maximum attention to details, close monitoring and quality control to ensure high standard of the end products.

Finishing is the final touch on the job and it varies from one job to another. These include: cutting, trimming, lamination, folding, bindery, stitching, scoring, perforating, foiling, embossing, etc., and packaging for delivery.

The client is duly informed of job completion with proof if necessary and the balance payment of 30% is made before the job is delivered, or payment can be made at the point of delivery, before handing over the job to the client in the case physical delivery.

Safe delivery of clients jobs are very crucial as careless handling could ruin the entire process, and could be done in two ways which depends on the agreement. Either the client picks up the job from our office, or we deliver to their specified safe location directly and via waybills for clients residing outside the state.

We’d love to hear from you, though we are certain you would be satisfied with our services and products, just get back to us and tell us your experience. 

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